The leading global ground transportation platform for corporate travel

Helping organisations put in place world class ground transportation arrangements

Organisational benefits for corporate travel and procurement professionals

Demonstrable cost savings :

  • Knowledge of best-in-market rates : regular benchmarking
  • Global rate tendering and negotiating standard terms and conditions with service partners
  • Buying power in regions or locations to which clients infrequently travel
  • GroundScope user chooser online booking tool, which directs the traveller to select the most cost effective option for each trip
  • An integrated, secure online booking and payment system
  • Full VAT reclaim for every trip
  • Significant internal staff administration time savings are achieved through online credit card payment system and GroundScope being responsible for billing/service queries
  • Management time saved through the vetting, managing and monitoring of service partners SLA performance
  • Monitored compliance of client travel policy and HR/H&S guidelines
  • Use of MI to analyse usage and drive continual improvement
  • Capacity to integrate with back office expense systems.

Service partner flexibility

GroundScope’s service and online booking tool offers complete flexibility in managing ground transportation, including the ability for clients to work with their current preferred service partners and if required, with high quality service partners sourced by GroundScope.

Continuity of supply

The huge GroundScope supply base maximises availability at times of peak seasonal demand for ground transport when localised supply is drained by large events and in isolated locations.

Duty of Care/Corporate Manslaughter legislation protection

GroundScope’s vetting of service partners (including insurances, licensing etc.) demonstrates your organisation meets Duty of Care commitments required under current legislation and cares about its travelling employees.

Oversight of the programme

Allows you to stay in full control of the service as part of the overall transport management programme, but delegates the process and management to specialists.